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Parents' perspectives on a Catholic vocation journey

Discerning Out: What It Is & Is Not

Every year, young men in seminary formation  come to the realization that priesthood is not their vocation.  If you don’t have a clear understanding of the discernment process or the … Continue reading

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Objection Series Part 2: But, I just want him to be happy!

How do you measure happiness? This post should appeal to those who are interested in hard data from reliable sources.  If your objection  arises from a belief that your son … Continue reading

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Objection Series: But I just want him to be happy!

If you have been following this series, you have seen  that the objections have been very specific. At first, I had many of these objections described in this series. When … Continue reading

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Meet the Parents Part 2: On this road with your son.

Do  you feel alone sometimes while your son is on this path of discernment?  Hopefully, this blog is one way for you to see that you are not alone and … Continue reading

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Objection Series: “But people are so critical of priests!” Super Human or A Human of Faith?

It must be hard to live your life and do your job while under a microscope. When every human failing is on display for others to comment and judge, you … Continue reading

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Objection  Series:  “How could this happen in our family?  We aren’t the model Catholic family!”

The first Sunday after Christmas celebrates the feast of the Holy Family. This is one of my favorite feasts of the church because it always gives me hope that our … Continue reading

December 29, 2015 · 1 Comment

Objection Series: Celibacy or “He’ll never have his own children!”

Letting  Go When you look back, parenting feels like a long series of letting go of your child.  The first day of school is a day of pride and tears for … Continue reading

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Objection Series: Celibacy or “You mean, no sex? Ever?”

As part of the Objection Series, I did not think I would be writing specifically about celibacy, although it can be an objection for parents.  I referred to celibacy in … Continue reading

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The Story of a Seminarian from a Mom’s Point of View by Amy V.

One of the best things about this blog is that it provides a place for parents to be brutally honest with how they feel as they watch their son go … Continue reading

November 9, 2015 · 1 Comment

We must have done something right.

When I read blogs of parents encouraging vocations in their children, I can’t help but feel a little inadequate.  These blogs have many wonderful ideas I wish we had done … Continue reading

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Objection Series: Where did he get this idea? We aren’t even that religious!

If you have read some of the parent stories on this blog, you have seen that a vocation does not have to come from the super catholic families with 12 … Continue reading

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Objection Series: “He will be so lonely!” or The difference between being alone and lonely

Priests are surrounded by people all the time.  Their entire role is to interact with people.  A priest can be so busy with people that it may difficult to carve … Continue reading

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Objection Series: “I will never see him, especially on the holidays!”

Are you suffering from the delusion that your adult children will come home for every holiday?   Let’s have a little reality check on the “I will never see him on … Continue reading

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Objection Series: “He will be so overworked” or A vocation vs. a job

This objection is a good example of how the vocation of parenthood and priesthood have different but closely related demands.   You have more in common with your priest than … Continue reading

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