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Text Message


I've been accepted to the
Paulist 2013 novitiate class!!!!!!!!!!

The text message from my son arrived mid-afternoon last Wednesday.  He’d just been called by his vocations director with the news.  For my part, I was meeting with my boss and trying to puzzle out some particularly confusing federal figures.  I’d know the message was coming … one way or another … but I hadn’t known when.

It was latest milestone in a journey that we’d shared with him for over two years.  He’d started his college career in Engineering and had, after a couple of years, begun the discernment process and changed his major to philosophy.

During that time, he found himself drawn to the Paulists and their particular charism.  He’d gone on discernment retreats and worked toward the day he could submit his application.

And now…he’s been accepted.

He’ll be leaving in the late summer to begin his novice year.  My wife and I are very proud (of course) and happy that he will be moving into this next phase of his journey.  We are also curious and apprehensive and thrilled and worried.  All, I suspect normal emotions for parents of children who are taking any big step.

We thought this blog might be a way for us to record and process the experience and, perhaps, hear from other parents who have experienced this particular road.  (If you’re out there reading this, we’d love to meet you in this space.)

— Dad


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Father of Evan (Paulist and Deacon) and tech-guy for the site.

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